Funny Sarcasm is a sarcastic blog which is built for the purpose of making people laugh as hard as they can. Be it Sarcastic quotes, memes and anything related to humor, we cover it all.

Our Journey

This blog is started by an Engineering Graduate. After the graduation, he got a job in an IT company. He could have made a good sum of money working there but he wanted to earn much more than that (of course it din’t happen). So he thought of making a few websites because that was the only thing he knew.

After quitting the job, the blogger called his friends, colleagues and shared the idea of starting a blog related to sarcasm with them. The reason he told his friends about the sarcastic blog was to convince them, so as to make them invest some money. All in vain (choose your friends wisely).

Somehow he could manage to start the website. He is now waiting for the day he would be a millionaire.

That’s all folks!

I love this line (above). These 3 magic words used to pop up every time a cartoon was finished in my childhood. Kids nowadays aren’t lucky to have popeye, tiny toons, scooby doo and other amazing series. They have ben10 though.

As you have guessed it, funnysarcasm is a franchise and belongs to me! One more thing, have you liked my social media channels yet? Go and hit that like/follow button. After liking the channel(s), leave me a message and transfer $100 to my account.

Hope you like the way I ruin everything!



Apart from making people laugh, our focus is on maintaining this blog (tbh). For that we have joined some programs to earn some money from our website. In such programs, you basically talks about their products and earn commission on sales made through your links. Here also I am going to talk about some products that I use and some that I admire!

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