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Sarcastic facebook status

Sarcastic Facebook Status Updates Filled with Sarcasticness

Looking for sarcastic Facebook status updates to show off your hidden talent? Guess what? You have landed safely! You are bored and you have nothing to do. You decided to teach your Facebook friends how to be sarcastic. So you log in to your Facebook

Sarcastic Remarks

Sarcastic Remarks and its Most Common Examples for Daily Usage

Though sarcastic remarks may come in handy, use it smartly, it may also hurt others. Have you ever, instead of face palming yourself in response to an annoying statement, replied with the whip of humor using a sarcastic remark? If yes, then let me welcome

sarcastic poetry

Sarcastic Poems By Famous Poets That Will Leave You Awestruck

“It offended our sensibility and made us look, totally not cool. Oh the nerve of sarcasm! Oh yes, you must be wondering what the hell! let me explain. Sarcasm is the sworn enemy of sensitivity. Those who get easily offended, are really scared of it.

sarcastic jokes

What Are Sarcastic Jokes? What Are Some Examples?

Sarcastic jokes are a sudden blow. These are meant to leave the receiver speechless. What is life without laughter? In an intense situation, it is an art to make people laugh. Life is more wonderful if you have a sense of humor about you. It

sarcastic meme oh really by jim carrey

Sarcastic Meme and its Examples

What is sarcastic meme, and what are its uses? They say a picture paints a thousand words. I agree! But when the picture makes you laugh and the opponents start scratching their head, it’s more than just a picture, it could be a sarcastic meme.

Sarcastic Comebacks

Sarcastic Comebacks and Responses For Any Situation

Sarcastic Comebacks are often life savers. Sometimes we encounter situations that involve sarcasm. It’s good if you are the sarcastic one, but if not, it’s not always pleasant. Are you one of the who is looking for instant replies when it comes to stupid questions,

irony examples

Understand all 3 Types of Irony with Suitable Examples

Understanding irony Irony can be defined as a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often wryly amusing as a result. When you expect something to happen and what happens is quite opposite of what you

Sarcasm Examples

Examples of Sarcasm – Humorous But a Pill Hard to Swallow

Sarcasm is sort of like the oddball of the humor family. It is such a straightforward and direct blow to the other person that sometimes it can be quite difficult detecting it. It’s a pill hard to swallow. Down below are the examples of sarcasm