How to be Sarcastic? Follow These 3 Simple Steps to Become Sarcastic.

To know how to be sarcastic, focus on your timing. The impact of sarcasm is most when delivered at the right moment. Wait too long, and you’ll lose all the fun.

Sarcasm, is a language used to mock someone or to bring out the fun side of seriousness in a humorous way. Sarcasm is a good way of making the people split in laughs, except for the one’s on the receiving end. Using this magic wand needs much practice and time, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be a Harvard scholar. But yes, to master the the steps about how to be sarcastic, you do have to be a genius about the timing. Otherwise, it may land you into the land of troubles.

But don’t worry. Let’s bring out the wittiest side of you.


To learn the art of sarcasm, first you must observe.
It is not that hard to find sarcasm around you. You can even find it inside your home. Yes, I’m taking about the masters of sarcasm; our parents. They posses most of sarcastic personality traits. Don’t see it? well that might just be me then.

Many parents, like my own, love being sarcastic about whatever we do. We just cannot hide from them and we never know how to respond. Let me give you an example to help you understand how our parents have used sarcasm on us. Whenever I used to ask my mother if I could go out for a sleepover to a friend’s home she used to say,” Why not. You can even plan of living there for rest of your life.”

I have another one. One day over the dinner table there were many vegetables; and I hated vegetables. So, I was just wondering what to eat and what not to. Suddenly my dad said, “I think we should buy a KFC chain. Vegetables are just too mainstream.” When I looked up at him with a gleaming face, I found him eating his vegetables with a surprisingly straight face. It confused me for quite a while weather I was getting my own chain or not. Needless to say, I never got it.

Other than our parents, there are many people around us who are good at being sarcastic. Flipping statements and situations in a sarcastic manner is their game. This is what a sarcastic person does. Just find them, observe, and learn. If you are still confused how to find one, just watch FRIENDS, the TV show. You’ll find Chandler Bing hilarious.


After observation, comes practice. Try it with your friends. Throw unexpected one liners and try to respond sarcastically. Just observe , and you’ll find situations to be sarcastic in.

Let me cite an example. One of my friends was having a verbal fight with his girlfriend and when they stopped I just commented, “what a lovely couple!”. My statement as you can see was totally opposite to what was happening at that particular moment. There are more sarcastic examples like this that we come across every day.


The thing you should keep in mind is when and how to use sarcasm.
Always remember to use this skill of yours in appropriate place and time. Using sarcasm in front of your boss or teacher might land you in to a trouble. So always choose your subject wisely.

Grumpy cat funny

The impact of sarcasm is most when delivered at the right moment. Wait too long, and you’ll lose all the fun. For starters, just try to put the right jokes at right moment. Sarcasm is not an easy game if you are not used to it. Most of the people have trouble in making someone laugh or mocking someone. The two things should always be kept in mind. Firstly, never over simplify the joke if someone doesn’t get. Making it over simplified will make it lose its charm and secondly, if you are performing a joke on someone, always be prepared for a clever comeback. Never get yourself offended, be ready for an another one in return or just take it in the spirit of good humor. Intonation, winking, grin and laugh always plays an important part of sarcasm and increases its impact and fun.

So, keep on trying your sarcastic wit time and again. Observe the effect of your statement over the situation and the people. With time and practice, your delivery will certainly become better. And remember, be good!