No matter how careless we are, but we take your privacy seriously. We will never share the data collected from you through our forms or any other means without your consent unless someone offers us a million dollars. Just kidding. We will compromise your data for $100 as well. Who do you  think you are, James Bond? One last thing, why are you even concerned about our privacy policy, are you going to share your bank account number or your WiFi password?

The above lines were written for the purpose of humor. As if you don’t know.

Here’s our privacy statement

  1. We will never share your personal details (like your name, address and email) without your consent.
  2. We may share the random data collected from you, without disclosing your identity, for the purpose of improving the user experience.


We love cookies, whenever we are hungry, we just grab a cookie and eat it! Yum! All right! Let’s get serious and talk about doritos nacho and pringles.

The above lines, below cookies, are just for the purpose of making the content o this page lengthy.

Here’s our cookie policy

Cookies are used for a variety of purposes on our website. They are also used in our e-mail communications to deliver our services and to enhance user experience. Let’s see what cookies are and the purpose they are used for.

What are ‘cookies’?

They are small bites of information on your computer’s hard drive that are stored by your browser. Every time you revisit our website, your browser sends these bites back to us so that we can modify your experience to better match your preferences and interests. Cool isn’t it?

Using these cookies, you do not need to fill the same information again and again by allowing us to recognise each returning consumer and their relevant information.

Cookies help us to interpret traffic patterns through our website, so that we can improve usability.

Okay that’s enough, it’s been more than three-fifty words now. When was the last time you  typed these many words? Moreover BBT is about to start! Go to go. Bazinga!

If you have any questions or any further query related to the above points, you can always contact us.