Sarcastic Meme and its Examples

What is sarcastic meme, and what are its uses?

They say a picture paints a thousand words. I agree! But when the picture makes you laugh and the opponents start scratching their head, it’s more than just a picture, it could be a sarcastic meme.

It is harder to settle an argument, especially with those who believe without a shred of doubt that their wit has no parallel, and their logic, flawless. In this internet age, we make things simpler. So, Memes!

Memes are images which fit certain context perfectly. Similarly, sarcastic memes are a variety of imagery with text to establish a certain sarcastic situation.

Memes are used while having digital communication i.e. while chatting online, but sometimes they define real life situations more than our words can. I think I can better explain with different memes and situation they apply to-

Sarcastic meme examples

1. When they don’t care as much
I was having a conversation with this friend of mine. We were chatting, and I was talking about something. I was really in the zone and kept on talking for quite a while. I didn’t even realize that he had stopped replying a while ago. He just sent me this meme, and I couldn’t stop laughing.

i care this much meme

“For reals!!!”

2.  The badass
This one I think you’ll recognize in a heartbeat. In every friend circle there is almost always someone who fit2s the description of a badass, according to him. You think that thing is hard to do, he has done it in his sleep. You think a girl is out of your league, he has not only dated her, but also dumped her because he couldn’t take all her bickering. If you can’t eat spices it’s because they were all made to suit his taste. To that legend we have, the badass meme.

watch out meme

“ I gots the chills ya know!!!”

3. When there’s too much drama
Drama is good, it’s the flavor of life, it’s the colors in black and white; but sometimes, too much of it can leave you wondering- “Oh god why??”. Too much?

drama everywhere meme

“No words really…….”

4. When you can’t be “Not real”-
Life is a set of rooms they say. You must act according to the surroundings they say. It maybe so, who knows. But sometimes, it’s very hard for people filled with sarcasm to ignore the wave of strangeness without leaving your thoughts on it. We call it being real, and people call it a touch of madness. Sometimes it can land you in the “no social interaction zone”, but deep down you know it’s worth it. I like being nice to people, not to their stupid opinions. But hey, what do I know.

say the truth meme And get ready to be “no friend zoned”

5. The most obvious one in the list
Do you sometimes say something obvious and you look at other people’ face and wish you had not said it? I have. It is a classic example of sarcasm, and mostly you are humbled by others by the end of it. But it’s even more hilarious when someone who’s speaking the obvious, does not realize that he is in fact speaking something not so new. I consider it as a mission that humanity is on, to make each other humbler. What do you think?

sarcastic meme oh really by jim carrey

“and here I thought we were all real assholes. Damnitall!!”

6. When you go shopping and meet cashier.

cashier sarcastic meme7. When someone makes a dramatic exit. My face be like.

cat meme sarcasm8. After you say something you thought was really funny but people stare at you like.

putin meme9. When your friend is fat but you want to comfort her. Like really!

10. When someone is trying to annoy you. 

reading meme11. When someone is showing off.

watch out meme

Hope you liked the article. What are your favourite memes? Do let us know. We’ll be ready to take your sentiments and throw them out of the backdoor…for reals!!