Sarcastic Poems By Famous Poets That Will Leave You Awestruck

sarcastic poems

“It offended our sensibility and made us look, totally not cool. Oh the nerve of sarcasm!
Oh yes, you must be wondering what the hell! let me explain.

Sarcasm is the sworn enemy of sensitivity. Those who get easily offended, are really scared of it. They want to get rid of it, but it just won’t go away. Sarcasm is omnipresent, like our great God is. It can be found being recited by the learned and the unlearned alike. It is the thread that unites us. In sarcasm, we are all one. I do think that went too far.

Coming back to today’s topic in our sarcasm master class, we have for you “Sarcastic poetry”.
“But bro, doesn’t poetry need to sensitive and stuff”.
“don’t birds just love cages, BRO”.

Certainly poetry conveys the depth of one’s heart, and that is exactly the reason why sarcastic poems can be a great tool in conveying sarcasm. After all, sarcasm is a result of something bigger too. Yeah, that’s exactly it.

Sarcastic poets, like, George Carlin, Campbell and Shakespeare amazed everyone with their sarcastic poetry. Carlin, with his poem, The Hair Piece,’ reinvented himself back again to America.

Here are few lines from some of the great sarcastic poems I found. Some of these poets have names, and some, being respectful to their wishes, shall be kept nameless –

“Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.
but the roses are wilting, and the violets are dead;
the sugar bowl’s empty, just like your head”
(written by “Godknowswho”, found on Google)

“my standards are high.
my mind is dirty.
my morals are firm.
my personality is flirty.
my heart is big.
my ego is small.
and if you don’t like me,
I don’t give a fukc at all.”
(Written by vengeful anonymous, found on Google)

“Have you seen the troubled youth these days?
They’re not very troubled at all.
They create their own illness then spread it amongst the masses of degenerates.
The symptoms consist of debauchery and disrespect.
They yell to the crowd, “Look at me for I am broken.”
No. You are fixed…fixed onto the idea that one must be troubled to be different.
Oh, have you seen the troubled youth of today?
They’re not so troubled after all.”
(written by Beaux, found on Hello Poetry)

john cena poem

Roses are red

“Roses are red, violets are blue,
Faces like yours, belong to zoo
Don’t be mad, I will be there too.
Not in the cage, but laughing at you.”
(written by Anonymous)