What are Sarcastic Quotes and Sarcasm Quotes Examples

If we hear closely, we can detect the use of sarcastic quotes every day.

Sarcastic Quotes

So, you don’t know about sarcasm? Must be nice!
That’s a start.

Sarcasm is a quality in speech that helps you deliver sentiments such as contempt, mockery, irony, satire etc., to the person who may or may not understand the more simpler way. Although you can also detect the use of sarcasm in texts, but it’s most effective when used vocally, with appropriate inflection. Check this article to know how sarcasm works.

There has been use of sarcasm in literature since long, and presently sarcasm has been popularized by many hit television series, movies, etc. Sarcasm is used by many every day, and in many circles (eg. Friends) it has lost the heavy mean vibe it carries and has become a way of venting out and expressing oneself in a more freer manner.

What are sarcastic quotes

If we hear closely, we can detect the use of sarcastic quotes every day. Let me cite you an example from a recent experience I had.

I was traveling back home from my class in a bus that was jam packed. It was an evening and I was tired. When the conductor came to me, I told her I had a pass. She asked me to show it, as she should have, and I did, as I should have.I always listen to music while travelling to keep myself in a cheery mood.

I was so lost in the music that I didn’t realize that she had told me to make way for more crowd in an already packed bus. When my eyes met hers, I realized she had been saying something. With her hands, she made a gesture conducting me to step aside. I did. I had removed my earphones by now. I was standing next to the door before she had moved me, because the thought of standing in the middle of that crowd made me uncomfortable.

She said “I asked you twice to move aside, but seems like you’re too busy in (then she made another gesture with her hands to her ears to establish earphones). Although this conversation till now seems perfectly normal, but it was in her tone; the slight irritation. Here I detected her sarcasm. So, I replied “You’re doing your job, as I’m doing mine.” She looked at me, murmured something to herself, and the journey continued.

It was my irritation of having to travel in a crowded bus, and hers of having to conduct it; that sarcasm came into play, and dissipated as soon as we realized that we were both on the same boat. Although this is just a small example of sarcasm in the vast ocean of experiences different people have every day, this is to educate the reader how sarcasm works, and what is the use of it. I hope I enriched your knowledge of it with my little tale.

Sarcastic Quotes Examples

”For you I would go to the end of the Earth. Coming back is a different question.”

“You talk to God, you’re religious; God talks to you, you’re psychotic.”

“Until you are 25, your only response to “I love you” should be “Oh crap!”

“It’s always funny until someone gets hurt. Then it’s just hilarious.”

“Past is divided between the things you can’t remember, and the things you don’t want to.”

“Nothing is changed when you put a dollar in a change machine.”

“Not one man in a beer commercial has a beerbelly.”